"We can’t recommend Marcy highly enough!"

We can’t recommend Marcy highly enough! She is a knowledgable, warm and engaged practitioner, and a smart and calm clinician. She comes to your apartment for all prenatal appointments, which is a wonderful privilege, considering the state of healthcare in this country, and she was always available when we had questions. I had a very long labor (around 36 hours), and I never felt unsure or worried, even when I became dehydrated and had to have an IV of electrolytes strung up on a coat hanger above the bed. Marcy stayed with us all night as I regained my strength and went through transition, and by the time I was ready to push I felt rested, upbeat and calm. We joked that it was a very “medical” home birth, but, of course, it was a great example of how medical intervention can be incredibly important, and that, when having a homebirth with a practitioner like Marcy, you only have intervention when it’s actually necessary. 

Rowena, Casey and baby August


Marcy and August 4.24.12.JPG