"With Marcy at a birth, I feel safe..."

With Marcy at a birth, I feel safe. As a doula, before we can help make this empowering experience, we have to safely guide the mom & baby to the other side. When I work with Marcy, I know she knows her clinical side so well, I'm free to do my job better and just focus on the emotional & physical side if the birth. 

I've known Marcy all my life. She's a huge chunk of the reason why I do this work. I remember hearing birth stories from her as a child and being so excited to be in that much proximity to a birth. Once as a teen I baby sat for her when she was on-call. I was so excited to be even that close to a birth. But I kept that excitement to myself for years. I just thought that everyone wanted to be at births. I didn't realize that it was a unique passion to be drawn to births. Marcy was the person who kept calling me back, she saw and understood my calling and finally convinced me to jump into it full-time. I love & respect her ancient woman's wisdom, hand-in-hand with modern medical care & safety. 

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Maiysha Campbell, CD(DONA), CLC
Certified Doula & Lactation Counselor
Mom to two teenage boys

Membership Director
NYC Doula Collective